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I'm Pam. Lifestyle Blogger. Introvert. Aspiring Novelist. Love romantic comedies and sitcoms. Cookie dough obsessed. Social media fanatic. Lover of musicals, sushi, + Cam Quizzy.

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Complete Emergency Fund Breakdown

Emergency Fund Breakdown Yay! Emergency Fund has got to be one of my MOST FAVOURITE topics to talk about.  I have so much fun explaining the importance of an emergency fund because of how MUCH it has saved me in…

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Combat Social Anxiety with these empowering tips

As the world begins to re-open, so does the fears of someone who suffers with social anxiety. The safe feeling of being inside strips away as the hot weather urges people to get out and rejoin society. How does one overcome their social anxiety? I help you through it with this can help you through it with these 7 tips.

Why Social Media Detox is exactly what you need

How powerful taking a ‘social media detox’ can be. Take a much needed break from the online world by paying attention to what matters most – you. Here’s an in-depth post about why you need a detox from social media and the many things you can do with that extra time. How powerful it can be to cater to what your mind, body, and soul needs the most.