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I'm Pam. Lifestyle Blogger. Introvert. Aspiring Novelist. Love romantic comedies and sitcoms. Cookie dough obsessed. Social media fanatic. Lover of musicals, sushi, + Cam Quizzy.

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Complete Emergency Fund Breakdown

Emergency Fund Breakdown Yay! Emergency Fund has got to be one of my MOST FAVOURITE topics to talk about.  I have so much fun explaining the importance of an emergency fund because of how MUCH it has saved me in…

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Essential Productivity Plan That You’re Missing

Get on track with this informational breakdown of a Productivity Plan. I love staying on track with my goals and working towards something every month so I wanted to share with you my top 7 tips on how to draw up your productivity plan for maximum growth!

Combat Social Anxiety with these empowering tips

As the world begins to re-open, so does the fears of someone who suffers with social anxiety. The safe feeling of being inside strips away as the hot weather urges people to get out and rejoin society. How does one overcome their social anxiety? I help you through it with this can help you through it with these 7 tips.

4 Powerful ways you can improve your life

Self-Improvement is one of the best, and most exciting things you can do for yourself. We as human beings are constantly growing – and it’s important for us to steer that growth into being the best versions of ourselves. Here, I go through the most important areas of self-growth that you can attend to in order for you to see the most self-improvement out of your life.